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Bradleys Records

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So what was Bradley’s Records ? I’m still trying to get my head round this one after 30 years.

It was formed by ATV Music Publishers in the 1970’s and tasked to one, Derek Johns to run. It was an unusual concept with even stranger publicity. At the time, no one who recorded for the label understood quite what they were trying to achieve. Initially, three acts were signed, myself (Paul Brett) with Mike Piggott on violin. We were working as a duo after Paul Brett Sage split, touring with Status Quo and we later added Nick Stirling on Cello and Dave Griffiths on Double Bass, Fiddle and Mandolin for the Clocks LP …. Hunter Muskett an acoustic based, harmony outfit and Kala… outright Prog Rock band led by Shiva…the ex singer of hippy band Quintessence. We made a total of three LP’s for Bradleys… “Paul Brett”…”Clocks” and Mike and I did a Live Roadshow Recording at the Marquee with the other acts released as “The Bradley’s Roadshow LP”…produced by Yardbirds singer and harp player….Keith Relf except my section , which was produced by me and Geoff Calver..  The label eventually dissapeared up it’s own concept and I moved onto to starting Phoenix Future…. one of the first Indie Labels in the UK…along with Master Illustrator Ralph Steadman (who produced the original version of my 12 string suite “Earth Birth”) and Michael Tickner….owner of Dawes Press in Fulham.