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Paul Brett & John Joyce Aria Signature Guitars

Aria Paul Brett Signature Model 12 stringAriA Paul Brett Signature model 12 StringAria John Joyce (JJ) Singnature 12 stringAria John Joyce (JJ) 6 string Paul Brett Headstock 12 stringJohn Joyce (JJ) Headstock 12 string

Aria Paul Brett & John Joyce (JJ) Signature Guitars 

In the mid 1970’s. Aria made and Released two Paul Brett Signature Acoustics. One 6 string and One 12 string. I hand signed every guitars label that was sold. The deal was for the UK only but I later learned that they were being sold on a much wider basis throughout the world. Typical of Global Businesses….incapable of lying straight in bed ! I truly do not know how many were made or how many were sold as Aria never accounted to me for sales past the Gigsville Franchise.

The same applies to the JJ ( John Joyce) Models. In fact, John died very bitter over this as Aria denied he designed their best selling “Sandpiper” guitar….I saw him do it and the “Sandpiper” logo was done in John’s own hand. They even said he didn’t design the JJ models as well. Shiro mate….all he wanted was recognition for his work and you made a lot of money from his designs didn’t you.

Guitarist Magazine wrote that the Paul Brett and John Joyce Guitars were of the very best to come out of Japan. This is a fact clearly recognised by their current escalating values in the collectors market. Very few Japanese guitars made in that era are sought after these days, or rise significantly in value as the JJ and PB guitars have.

I’ve posted pics of both the PB and JJ Aria 6 & 12 strings above.

Stop Press….. Guitarist have just voted John’s JJ models in the top 50 Signature models of the era. I only made modifications and gave advice to the presentation, finish and playability of the PB models. John designed his from scratch. Nice one old buddy… with the 80,000 views and fantastic comments on your YouTube piece and these kind of accolades, it would seem that you are destined to become legendary in the historical sense. I will as usual, do my best to make sure that happens.