Paul Brett

Guitarist/Composer/Producer/Journalist/Vintage Guitars for sale/Video Maker/12 string/blues/jazz/folk/Guitar Museum

Video Production Services

Just one of the stunning locations in which we can film a video for you !

Paul Brett - Pen Garn, overlooking Pwllheli

Paul Brett - Pen Garn, overlooking Pwllheli



We specialise in making DVD’s or Promos for the Internet of Acoustic Artistes. Either solo vocal/guitar performers or small acoustic groups. If you are interested in making your own DVD or Promo, email us with your requirements :


View samples :

Metamorphosis shows locations that are available here.

Double Neck – 18 string acoustic guitar – clip from Songs from the Compleat Angler CD

Collecting Vintage Acoustic Guitars – clip

Joe Veillette\’s new 12 string concept The Gryphon played by Paul Brett